22 November 2007

Thanksgiving Tradition

This "relish tray" turkey is a tradition that we've inherited from my husband's family. I love it! The kids get to help and it keeps their tummies happy until the real turkey's done. I'll walk you through it.

A red cabbage serves as the body. Cut one end to that it rests flat on a plate. Insert the turkey head into the body.

I made the turkey head from fabric scraps and googley eyes that I had in my craft supplies--it's on a kabob skewer. I keep the head and re-use it each year.

Have bowls of yummies for the turkey "feathers". We always have olives, cheese(s) and pickles (this year we used pickle chips, though we usually just chop some into little chunks). I might try cucumbers next year.

Let the kids skewer the yummies with toothpicks, then stick them into the body. I like to use the the toothpicks with the frills on the end, but had trouble finding them this year, so we just used multi-colored ones.

And, voila! Happy kids who got to "help". They're ready for their snack on Thanksgiving Day.


Queen Scarlett said...

What a cute tradition...and your kids are so grown up all of a sudden... I still am not used to this idea that our kids ... grow up. ;-) Know what I mean? Wish I could stop time.

compulsive writer said...

I so wish I'd have seen this before I did a boring old relish tray at my in-laws.

Next year I'll be volunteering!

Hope you had a fabulous holiday.

val said...

what a cute idea!

edie said...

Thanks for posting this. It is an inspiration. :} This is going to be FUN!


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