Creating a time entry in Timely from your Android device is super simple. Let's blast through the steps! 🚀

Create a new entry

Tap on the blue circle with the plus sign ➕ at the bottom-right of your screen:

Add entry details

Enter notes about what you worked on:

Link your work to a project:

Categorize it by adding a tag:

Select either "Logged" or "Planned" time for the entry: 

Manually enter your hours or tap the button to "Add Memories" in the bottom-right corner of the screen:

More actions

  • Tap the stopwatch to start a timer

  • Tap "From & To" and add a timestamp to your entry 

  • Tap the three dots to move your entry to another date

Then hit "save" to create your entry! 🤘

Create entries from a draft

If you’ve enabled automatic drafts from your computer, you’ll be able to review draft time entries from your Android device. Simply tap a draft to review the memories associated with it:

You can tap on individual memories to view their details, remove them from the entry, or ignore/delete them from your inbox. You can also tap the “+” button to add additional memories to your draft entry. Once you’re done, tap “Log Entry” to add it to your time sheet! ✅

Create entries from memories

If you have Memory installed on your computer, you can also create entries from your memories. To get started, tap on the brain icon to access the Memory Inbox. From there, tap to include the memories you want to add to your entry:

Select a project then finalize the entry details using the steps above. Tap “Add Memories” to add or remove any other memories that may need to be included in that entry:


How do I delete an entry from Timely for Android?

Firstly, tap on the entry, then tap the red trash can to delete the entry.

What Android OS versions are compatible with Timely?

Android 5.0+ (API 21+) 

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