Plans: Business, Professional, all team plans
Access: Admin, Manager, Team Lead

We've all been there: you have a pile of tasks to do, and no idea how to fit them all in. While planning time across all your commitments can be daunting, Timely has your back. 💪 

Timely's Planning feature gives you a bird's-eye view of all your plans, and makes scheduling between them effortless. Whether it's setting aside time to work on your masterpiece or protecting time for project collaboration, you can visualize and plan your resources from one intelligent space.  📆

Note: The beta is currently closed but if you're on an older plan that doesn't have access to Planning and you'd like to test the feature, please reach out to us at [email protected].

With Planning you can:

  • Visualize all planned activities across users and teams

  • Schedule project hours for you and your colleagues

  • Coordinate team resources effectively across all projects

  • Balance efforts spent on projects and clients

  • Understand employee capacity and availability at a glance.

Planning enables Admins, Managers and Team Leads to create, edit and delete planned time entries for anyone in your workspace. Team Leads will also be able to manage planned time for the people they lead.

Plan your hours 👩 👨 

Your personal planning calendar sits at the top of the Planning page. Just scroll right across this timeline to see all your planned activity for the next 2 months.

Plan time for yourself by clicking on a date. A dialog box or planned time entry will pop-up so you can: 

  • Enter notes

  • Select a project

  • Add tags

  • Enter a time frame for the activity

  • Add a daily time total

NOTE: the daily planned hours you enter will be applied to each day within your specified time frame.

Pro-Tip: Click and hold a planned entry to move it to a different date, and click and drag its outer edge to adjust a timeframe.

Plan for your team 🤾🏼‍♂️

Think of the greatest teams in history: the A-Team, Charlie's Angels, the Dream Team, your team. Their success is a direct result of their diversity, unique skillset and ability to coordinate. We know you've got the first two covered, so let Timely help with the third! 

Planning by team ensures your carefully assembled group of rockstars always knows what's coming next. And let's face it: we all love it when a plan comes together! 🙏 

To start planning time for your colleagues, just select a team; calendars for all associated team members will populate in one neat view. From here, you can review and plan time for them, as you would your own time.

Each user has their own row, which is expandable. Hide and reveal a user’s calendar using the arrow next to their name. 

  • When collapsed, you can only see their total planned time for each day.

  • When expanded, you can see their total planned time plus all the projects they have been scheduled against.

You can move a planned entry to another user with a quick click-and-drag – provided both their calendars are expanded. To copy an entry to multiple users, hold down the Option or Alt button while you do it.

A red planned time indicates planned time exceeds a user's daily Capacity

Plan by project 🗂

Alternatively, you can also plan time by project. It's a great way to create a project timeline and visualize the scope of each project phase. 

Just click 'View Projects' and select the one you want from the drop-down. You'll notice that calendars appear with a grey bar for planned time. To view planned entries in details or plan time for a project, just click the arrow to expand its calendar.

User profile pictures appear against planned entries so you can immediately see who's working on what. Assign a planned entry to another user by clicking one of these profile pictures and selecting a new user from the pop-up that appears.

You can also add planned time for multiple users associated with a specific project. Simply open the project and head to the "Planning" tab. Add planned time as you normally would and then in the Users dropdown, click to add everyone you're planning time for:

How planned time appears to users

Time scheduled in Planning will appear as a draft entry in a user's Hours tab. 

They just need to log it whenever they’ve completed the work — meaning less duplicated effort and less admin faff. 💨

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