Head to the People section from your left navigation menu. Then click the green "+ New user" button in the upper-left part of the page:

Add their name and email address (but note that name cannot include digits, so any numbers will need to be typed out).

Important: Please make sure the user's email address has already been created within your company. If the email address has not been created before you add the user to Timely, the activation link email will bounce. 

Next, set their User Access Level. Choose between Employee, Manager and Admin. You can read about limiting a user's access level here.

Projects and Hourly Rates

In this section, you will designate what projects a user will be assigned to and their hourly rate per project. Click open the Project drop-down to select all projects you the user will be a part of. This saves you tons of time from having to go to each Project page. 🎉  

Then set the user's hourly rate per project. If you've entered a default hourly rate for the user, this amount will auto-fill for all projects with a 'Individual Rates' option. 

You are unable to edit the user's hourly rate of projects set up with the 'same rate for everyone'.  


Teams lets you organize your team members into useful groups. It’s especially helpful if you have more than 20 users in your company, or want to easily be able to manage and reports on different groups of people, or Teams, simultaneously.

You can add users to as many teams as you like. Just search by name or use the drop-down menu.

Once you've invited a user to Timely, they will receive an invite email with a one-time activation link. Once they click the link and set up their password, they'll be able to track time on your Timely account!

If a user you've invited to Timely hasn't received their activation email yet, you can also resend the activation link from the People tab:

**Keep in mind that you can only resend an invite once every 24 hours.

Note: If you are subscribed to our newer Team plans, you'll be charged for another seat by adding new users to your workspace. 

The People page
The Individual User page
What happens if I remove a user?

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