Introducing Tasks ✅

A new breed of planning tool

Timely excels at keeping every piece of work you do visible. With the Memory app installed, you can access a flawless automatic timeline of each work day — helping you report, account and bill accurately for your time. But to-date, Timely hasn’t given much attention to the other side of time management: planning.

We’ve listened very carefully to your ideas here (and thanks to your ridiculous creativity and generosity there are tons!). They’ve encouraged us to build a new kind of planning tool powered by automatic time tracking. It will offer all the fundamental controls for structuring team work, but unlike other planning tools it will provide an accurate, real-time feedback loop of how your plans actually unfold—so you can set competitive rates, realistic deadlines and more effective schedules.

Your feedback confirmed that while there are a myriad of ways to plan time depending on the nature of your work, how you work and who you work with, practically all of you start with planning’s smallest unit: the humble task. So that’s where we’re starting!

Tasks — the foundation

Head into Timely and you’ll notice that you’ve gained a shiny new Tasks panel! This is your dedicated space for creating and assigning individual pieces of work—either to yourself or other team members. For each task, you can set a deadline, estimated duration and project, which Timely will use to help you stay on top of your priorities. Here’s a quick run-through of what you can do with Tasks.

1. Schedule your to-do list

Once you’ve added tasks, head to your Hours tab to plan time against them! You’ll find a prioritized list of all upcoming work to the right of your view. Simply drag and drop tasks onto your calendar to create a winning schedule. No more hopping between multiple tools — action your to-do list directly inside Timely!

2. Visualize your progress

Once scheduled, you can start logging time against your tasks. This allows you and your team to follow the progress of your work against the time you allocated for it. With the Memory app installed, you can accurately compare your estimate against the time you actually end up spending on each task, helping you improve plans and expectations for future work.

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3. Stick to your capacity

Each task you plan updates your weekly capacity. This helps you and your team see exactly how much you have on your plate when assigning new work, so you aren’t taking on more than you can deliver. With a real-time overview of team capacity, managers can distribute tasks evenly to ensure nobody is headed for burnout.

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👉 See our walkthrough guide to get started with Tasks

Try Tasks for free

Tasks is available as an add-on to your plan, and you can try the whole thing out for free before making any decisions. Provided you are an Admin, just head to your Hours page in Timely to start a free 14-day trial of Tasks for everyone on your account!

If you already like where Tasks is headed, you can invest now to enjoy every subsequent planning release we build at no additional cost. Head to Settings > Subscriptions to invest as little as $2/month per person today for lifetime access to planning powered by automatic time tracking.

Building upon Tasks

By empowering everyone to create effective schedules that align with team priorities and capacity — and keep all work in progress visible — Tasks has laid solid foundations for planning in Timely. But it’s just the start of what we want to build. Long-term, we want Timely to help you map out complex team deliveries, flexibly adapt plans without busting budgets or burning out, and leverage performance insights to plan work more effectively. We’re still at the start of that journey, so if you’d like to shape our planning roadmap please send your ideas to — tell us about the ways you plan work and what what you want Timely to do for you.

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