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Track Teams

Lead happier teams

Keeping a remote workforce connected can be messy. That’s why Timely provides all the tools you need to keep people visible and supported. Help everyone create value, work healthily and enjoy work/life balance.

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“Timely’s rich insights have helped our managers deliver quality employee support, especially when talking about productivity and time management during 1:1s.” — Compass
Enable every employee

Timely’s rich insights keep the employee experience in sharp focus. Monitor employee work hours, overtime, capacity and workload in real time to support team performance and wellbeing.

Keep work visible

Get a bird’s-eye-view of activity across your organization. Team calendars, dashboards, tags and reports reveal how teams spend effort across your client portfolio. Useful for managing priorities; essential for keeping work visible.

Maximize team resources

Clean, simple, modern — Timely helps you manage resources thoughtfully so everyone contributes to high-value projects. Visualize plans, sync employee calendars and allocate tasks using simple drag-and-drop.

Tracking everyone can trust

Protect team privacy

No creepy screenshots, third parties or surveillance — we protect everyone’s right to privacy.

Work anywhere

Enjoy a native app experience, whether you’re working on web, desktop or mobile.

Connect your stack

Timely clicks into your existing workflows, with quick data imports and out-the-box integrations.

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