Track time in



Forget timers and manual entry — get Timely to track time in
for you. Timely’s Memory app captures all the time you spend in
automatically in the background, so you can get on with your day.
Download the Memory app

Timely’s Memory app tracks time in


automatically for you while you work, whether you’re using the web or desktop app. You don’t have to worry about starting and stopping timers; just download the Memory app, and schedule when you want it to turn “on” and “off” each day.

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Review all your

All the time you spend in


will appear on your private daily timeline inside Timely. Each


activity — or “memory” — will detail the specific access timestamp for the file you worked on. Memory will also pick up time spent in any other work tool, creating a precise daily record of all your documents, meetings, emails, instant messenger chats, websites, video calls and even GPS locations.  No one but you can see this data.

Log time in
to your timesheet

Just drag and drop


memories to your timesheet to log them publicly — or get Timely’s AI to draft time entries for you. Aside from minimizing timesheet admin, this dramatically improves reporting accuracy, ensuring you actually bill for all your work.

Visualize all design time

Use Timely’s simple chart builder to analyze and report on your


activity. This is great for understanding where project time is spent, managing the efficiency of your workflows and identifying your most time-intensive tasks.

Connect Zapier with Timely to
automate your data flow
With our Zapier integration, it’s easy to move data between Timely and the rest of your stack! Set up no-code automations for day-to-day tasks in minutes to automatically mirror data between Timely and the 3,000+ apps Zapier supports.
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